Visual Assert – The Unit Testing Add-In for Visual C++
cfix – C/C++ unit testing for Win32 and NT
Visual Assert Makes Test-Driven Visual C++ Development a Snap.

Visual Assert is a Visual Studio® AddIn that allows you to easily write, manage, run, and debug your C/C++ unit tests – without ever leaving the Visual Studio® IDE. No fiddling with command line tools, no complex configuration, and no boilerplate code required.

Visual Assert (formerly code-named cfix studio) is based on, and fully compatible to the open source unit testing framework cfix.

Last but not least, Visual Assert is free for both, commercial and non-commercial use.

  • Seamless integration with the Visual C++ GUI and debugger.
  • Supports both C and C++. A wizard helps creating scaffold code.
  • Compatible to WinUnit. Together with the cfix C and C++ APIs, this gives you three APIs/styles to choose from.
  • Unit tests can be implemented as DLL or EXE module. Tests can even be embedded into existing, full-fledged GUI applications.
  • Unit tests are part of regular Visual C++ projects – whether placed in a separate project or part of existing projects, whether placed in separate files or intermingled with other code – you decide; Visual Assert will not get in your way.
  • All unit tests developed using Visual Assert can also be run on the command line – no recompiling required.
  • All tests are run out-of-process using dedicated test runners, providing clean isolation and maximum robustness
  • Supports both 32 bit and 64 bit code, Visual Assert automatically chooses the appropriate test runner
  • Test runners are 100% native code – no .Net involved
  • COM friendly: Tests are free to create or join whatever apartment they need
Having further questions regarding Visual Assert? Feel free to send an email to questions at visualassert com.
Visual Assert Tool Windows
Download Visual Assert and try it by yourself. Visual Assert is compatible with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010 and works great on all Windows platforms from 2000 onward.